4th Annual Easter Egg Hunt

“It is not flesh and blood, but the heart which makes us fathers and sons.-Johann Friedrich von Schiller

Technodream Web Works consistently contributes to better lives of the people in need, within our reach.
We help those who are indigent, sick, and underprivileged. An example of this is our continuous support to Helping Hands Healing Hearts Ministries Inc.

The mission of Helping Hands is to see the children accessing their right to life and their right to protection from harm when that right is in jeopardy caused by illness, abuse and/or poverty.
Our company is thankful and proud to be able to help the organization for more than four years.

Last March 2016, we hosted and celebrated our 4th Annual Easter Egg Hunt with the kids from Helping Hands. Different volunteers from our company supported the event and allotted their personal time to participate. Some volunteered to bring food, some thought about doing the arrangements, and others ensured that the event will run smoothly.

During the event, our employees played with the children, and helped and cheered the kids as they set out to find the eggs. Our staffs, also, artfully draped the kids’ faces with colorful paints. Everyone made sure that the kids will have exceptional memories to treasure and keep.

The kids’ smiles and laughter made our employees proud and inspired.

One of our employees said, “Their laughter and joy made us proud and they became a new inspiration for us to further believe in and continuously strive for our cause. This cause is to be socially involved. This involvement, I must say, is an attestation that it is not flesh and blood, but the heart which makes us fathers and sons.”

Our company is blessed not only with financial success but also with associates who have hearts that translate charity into actions. Their kindness defines love in a very special manner and it is conspicuously inspiring for all. This absolute and fervent willingness of ours to support, to give care for, and to love those who are in dire need, shall never stop and shall never be stopped.

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