Technodream Web Works Is Proud to Be a Well-Recognized Partner of the University of Baguio

UB Event

We at Technodream Web Works take pride in upholding excellence of expertise and education within the community. We as an institution strive to empower people and help push their boundaries in their chosen field of discipline. In order for us to promote this advocacy, we have partnered with a number of organizations, institutions, and universities to provide better and meaningful training, programs, and services to their students. Last month, one of our partners, the University of Baguio, has invited us to take part in their Recognition Program. It is with great pride that we take part in the program.

As part of their 70th Foundation Anniversary, The University of Baguio has invited us to participate in their Institutional and Industry Partner Recognition Program held at the CAP Convention Center, Baguio City last August 17, 2018. The program was a decision done by the university to recognize those industries that have provided significant contributions for the students of the University of Baguio. Included during the program were different partners chosen per school department. Our innovative and dynamic on-the-job training programs in IT, design, sales, and marketing are aimed at improving the knowledge they have attained within the classroom setting and applying it in the office setting. As such, we had the courtesy of being invited by the school of information technology. Our undying commitment to providing excellent knowledge application programs that have made us one of a number of partners the University recognizes.

We at Technodream firmly believe in nurturing local talents. It is our social responsibility as an institution to give back to the community by helping young minds develop their raw knowledge and refine them to fit the needs of a growing economy. We believe that every individual is capable of being an asset to the community. That is why we continue to offer our services to various partners such as the University of Baguio. For us, excellence doesn’t come easy, but we surely can do something to make it a lot easier.

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