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10 Sales Representatives
Sales Representatives serve as the pillar of every marketing and sales activity as they act as bridges that link the company with potential customers. They work with customers to create solutions that would ensure a smooth sale process. So if you have the heart for customer service, strong bargaining skills and loves challenges, well this might be the one for you!
2 SEO Sales Appointment Setters
Not all business and website owners know what SEO is and how it can benefit their endeavor. So if you think you have what it takes to fully present our SEO products and packages in a convincing manner, a grand opportunity is waiting for you! Other responsibilities include lead and referral acquisition, as well as report creation.
2 Wholesale Web Sales Representatives
Apart from presenting product/service features to prospective clients, Wholesale Web Sales Representatives also keep in touch and follow-up with our old and existing customers to entice them to make repeated purchase. That being said, excellent communication and persuasion skills are a huge plus!
Do you have a passion for WRITING and a love for RESEARCHING? Join us and be part of a globally competitive team of SEO enthusiasts!!
20 Customer Support Representatives
If you have a flair for communicating effectively with customers, this is perfect opportunity for you! Our representatives deal directly with our clients by telephone and electronically. Having good problem-solving skill is a major plus!
5 Retail Sales Appointment Setters
Got a knack for explaining the features, uses, and benefits of a product or service to a client? We could use a man/woman with your talent on our team! Additional responsibilities of a sales appointment setter include documenting conversations with clients, reporting, and meeting target/goals/quotas set by the supervisors.
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